Bonus Lesson

After I started the course, in 2008, I was often in touch with Suz, by email, asking various questions about how to do this or that, and she graciously helped me, answering all those questions with new snippets and codes that were not included in the written lessons.

(22 minutes)

If this video is causing you issues, here is a copy on YouTube: (please, do not share)

HERE is a text document with some of my own snippets, including the Text size checker.

For various references, I have the book called Python, by Chris Fehily. That was a recommendation from Suz, and she was right. It is old, but still a great reference. You can see it HERE.

And a site that I have been also using often is the Python Library Reference


If you have looked at some of my scripts (and I can just guess that you did), are there any codes or snippets that you are not understanding?

The forum thread is here.