Lesson 23

The PAUSE script was coded by Gary Barton and has been a staple in the scripting world. It allows the user to do something other than just select a color or enter a string. The user can add a custom shape, make a selection, open another image or a paper. You will know that I use the Pause script in many scripts.

(21 minutes)

If this video is causing you issues, here is a copy on YouTube: (please, do not share)

The code included in the lesson for the Pause script seems to be version 0.3. I have version 0.4 which has just a few additional elements, you can download it HERE.

I did mention that some scripts can have multiple DoStep and loop through them or just not go in the default order. If you have one of these scripts, they do just that.

Pocket Scrap
Leather Tag
Preview Box
But you can find a ton of other scripts of mine that include a pause too.

Another detail that is not mentioned (and I forgot in the video) is that if you ask the user to open photos, papers, or other elements, you have to instruct the user to reactivate the "original" image that the script was working on. PSP counts images based on the one that was active, and if the user runs the script for the second time with a different image active, it will mess up everything.


The forum thread is here.