Lesson 17

If you think you had a lot of data available with ReturnLayerProperties, there is even more now, with the ReturnImageInfo. You will start to see more possibilities to use the information to make decisions down the line.

(15 minutes)

If this video is causing you issues, here is a copy on YouTube: (please, do not share)

Here is the script I mention in the video: Pop Art


Did you start looking at some of my scripts and see how those commands are used? One interesting detail is that ReturnImageInfo is absolutely essential in any script that starts with the user's image to manipulate it. I am not talking about scripts that will change the color or apply artistic effects, but scripts that will do something with the image or the element (if it is a png for example).

One other interesting fact is that actions for Photoshop do not have the ability to use that information, which makes them much less versatile than scripts in PSP.

The forum thread is here.