Lesson 14

In this lesson, we are going to talk about math. I know, a lot of people hate math, but that is the beauty of scripts: they will do the calculation for you. However, you still need to understand the math. The new information in this lesson is very short, but I am showing you lots of concrete examples. Hopefully, they help.

(24 minutes)

If this video is causing you issues, here is a copy on YouTube: (please, do not share)

I think this is one lesson that CAN look scary, and can feel discouraging to some, especially if you despise math. Don't give up. Stay with me!


Can you make up some basic scripts using calculations? Many commands can be used and applied proportionally based on the current size of an image. Another thing you can do is ask the user for a value (ex: the size of one border) and calculate a second border that is a certain % of the first one (or a multiple). And if you look at many of my scripts, you will find lots of calculations (some have more than others). Which one did you find?

The forum thread is here.