Lesson 12

Now that you know how to get the user to select various options with the different message boxes, you can use that information with the if-else structure. With conditions based on the user's input, you can now execute different commands. This lesson will put a lot of things together.

The video includes one example where I create a script from scratch using message boxes and conditionals, plus using some variables. You can see how you can end up with a lot of options for the user!

(24 minutes)

If this video is causing you issues, here is a copy on YouTube: (please, do not share)

I am adding an extra video (6 minutes) to suggest how to save time when you will be coding scripts in the future:

If the video is causing you issues, you can watch it on YouTube:


Look at scripts of mine, and see where I have used the if-else structure. Can you see what variable is used for the conditional?

The forum thread is here.