Lesson 10

You have probably seen several scripts that ask you to enter some text (like what do you want on the Datestamp, or what letter you want on a bead). This uses the GetString command.

(35 minutes)

At least half of this video addresses some issues with the Text tool. Although it is not directly part of the lesson, it is part of the challenges and examples. Since version X3 or so, some things have changed, and I don't want you to get frustrated, so I am explaining what is happening. The solution is quite convoluted so I am not addressing it here. I just don't want you to think you are doing anything wrong. And the font size is so picky that if you try the exact same script after lunch, the size might change! GOOD NEWS however: with PSP2023 update 2, they added the option to set the unit for the text size. Yippee!!!

If this video is causing you issues, here is a copy on YouTube: https://youtu.be/JoZs_QMjNoE  (please, do not share)


What kind of strings are you going to request? Did you test it with the Text tool? Did you get the "correct" size or did you get a funky one like in the video?

The forum thread is here.