Lesson 1

This first lesson is going to give you a quick overview of the Script toolbar and show you how to record your first script.

Make sure you are referring to the actual lesson from the course. The video is just another way to present the information. You will see that I am using PSP2021 for the video, while the written instructions might have screenshots from much older versions. Don't worry. Very little has changed in scripting in 15 years!

If this video is causing issues, here is a copy on YouTube: (please, do not share)


I know, we don't like homework, but I can tell you that practice is everything. Scripting is a different "language" and will require a different way of thinking (like a stupid machine!). So it is important that you do them, and do even more than what is listed in the lesson.

Since these homeworks are not as visual as a scrapbook page, posting them in the forum will be a little different.

For this lesson, take a screenshot of the result of what you recorded as a script, and crop the image itself (we don't need the full width of your workspace). Make sure it is no larger than 600 pixels. Also, tell us what was the sequence of commands that you included in that script. DO NOT try to attach the script. The system won't let you.

And make sure you state what lesson you are doing. Otherwise, it will be getting confusing.

The forum thread is here. Just to help everyone make sense of the various lessons, add the lesson number to your post. That will help in case different participants follow the lessons at a different pace.