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Do you want PSP classes all in one place?

Do you want the convenience of watching them when YOU want?

Do you want classes where you see how things are done?

Do you like to follow along in an illustrated guidebook you can print?


Now is the chance to grab your favorite module.


Whether you want to focus on

Photography, Scrapbooking, or just on Paintshop Pro in general,

there is a module for you.





  • Turn your daytime photo into a night time one.
  • Add lights, stars, and other effects to night time photos.
  • Find out some unique ways to use Picture tubes
  • Showcase your photos through Masks
  • Turn a recent photo into an OLD one
  • Convert ordinary photos into masterpieces with Photo-Graphic effects
  • Add Magic fairy dust to your photos


  • Feel more confident in using Vectors.
  • Create Seamless designs you cannot find anywhere else.
  • Find out some unique ways to use Picture tubes and learn how to create them yourself
  • Customize your PSP the way it makes more sense to you
  • Find out many unusual ways you can use the Text tool (and it does not always need to be for writing)
  • Extract elements from photos, like a pro
  • Understand the basics of Scripting




  • Master the art of Shadowing.
  • Discover a whole new way to use Brushes with some hidden settings.
  • Save time with Layers and other tricks when you are on a Deadline
  • Display your Titles in very original ways
  • Frame your photos differently every time
  • Add volume and depth with various Shades of Grey




That is almost 9 hours of instructions per  module where you see everything done on your screen.

Almost 9 hours of tips and tricks you can try with your own supplies.

Not sure it is useful for you? Check out what others have to say:




It is so hard to pick just one of your classes because they “all” have taught me things I did not know how to do and am grateful I could attend them. The most useful one for me is the vector one, it helped me to be able to create my own vector artwork.But in all truth they “all” help me to be a better designer. - Charlyn



The class “Brush Work in PSP” was extremely useful, I had been looking at the Brush Variance palette but didn’t really know how to use it, now I have all sorts of ideas. There are also many elements that use brush variances and I understand these better now. -



I really learned a lot from the "Seamless Designs You Won't Find Elsewhere" class. We learned how to make .pngs (like a damask) into a seamless pattern for a background. We also learned how to make a seamless texture. There is a method to making a seamless patterned background from scratch, and it isn't as simple as pushing a button (though it *would* make a good script!) but the seamless patterned backgrounds
are so versatile and it's hard to find good ones that are premade. Cassel walks us through step by step to get the perfect seamless pattern.
- Suzy 



I Love the classes. I’m pleased you used my photo in the Changing Seasons Lesson. The Brush Work workshop was very well done. Please keep up the excellent work for PSP users. - Bernice



To be honest, you have renewed my interest in PSP. I had become bored and actually was going to move on to Photoshop and see what it was like. I'm so excited that I learned how to do more with PSP. - Sarah 



Can I download the class videos and view them later?

Yes you can. You can view the videos online if you want, or download them to your computer so you can access them even if you don't have access to
the internet,
at any time that suits you.





Do I have a limited access to the online videos?

If you purchase the modules, all the online videos from that module will be accessible to you as long as you stay registered to the Campus (that is just a technicality for access). If you downloaded them, you can view
them as long
as you want. No





I am ok with videos but I prefer to follow written instructions. Is there anything for me?

Of course. Each class comes with written documentation. With all the modules available, you will have over 100 pages of illustrated instructions to help you. You can print them if you want, and scribble your own notes, or just view them on the screen, whichever
is more convenient for you.



Have you ever attended a technical workshop?

A one day workshop can easily cost over $350 (yes, I checked!)

And that is usually only 6 or 7 hours of training.

Are these modules going to be sold for that price?


Each individual class retails for $19.99,

so these are huge modules of NINE (or TEN) classes worth almost $180

Is that how much they will cost?

Not even that.

Each module is available to you for



>>> $89.99 <<<





Now is the time to pick

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  If you are not satisfied with the workshop in the first 30 days, for WHATEVER reason, just email us and you will get a FULL REFUND