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Basic Scrap - Mod. 2

Denise Mueller

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I'm getting the "hang of it".   You'll notice that I "mirrored" the tag.  Maybe that was a "faux pas" to have the arrow pointing the other way but I wanted it where it was not hiding anything important.


Also, I never could Flood fill my Raster 1.    It just was not showing anything.  I had to add a colored paper and then change the color to white.  I can not understand why the Flood fill did not work on my bottom Raster.   It was highlighted and both colors were white in the materials palette.

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I just finished my 2nd module.  I didn't have the alpha, so I used the one that came with the "Love Spoken Here" kit. I used the flower, bubble strings, papers and other elements from Gina Jones Pretty Birds kit.  I didn't have a banner, so I played with the shadow on a separate layer with the flower and the "bubble" word elements to give the effect of a shadow behind the elements.  I did give shadows to the letters and changed the color.  I am still having fun with the Color Fill tool and the Color Changer tool.  Each does something different.  For instance, I used the Color Changer tool to change the colors to the "bubble" word elements in order not to cover the words.  That was a neat trick to tone down the colors in the bright background paper.  Oh, I also changed the direction of the stripes in that paper - it was originally horizontal, but I turned it around using the pick tool.  I believe, though, that there is a simpler way to do it but I am not sure where to find it.
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