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Basic Scrap Course - Project 1

Dorothy Donn

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I reckon I posted in the wrong place  so I am reposting here.


February 1, 2020 at 3:08 am

Basic Scrap Course 1 – Project 1

Level adjustments was something new to me and I will not forget it any time soon. I did try to change the alphas using various means to no avail.<i> I was convinced hue and saturation was the key. That would have worked if all the alphas were of the same color. Magic fill is a joy to use and got rid of the darn cable box out in front of the house. A pity that it does not work in real life. I have used crop, duplicate, move and pick a lot in the past so it was kind of an old hat but still fun. I can not seem to break the habbit of vector text and shadows in Jasic’s version 9 and Corel’s version 10. I plan to work with that a while tomorrow to get into the swing of this way of doing vector text. I also hope to get some time to change my presets in 3D shadows. Just keep pointing out my problems Cassel and I will try to amend them.</i>

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In Jasic version 9 and the very first corel version 10:

When I input text(e.g. name etc,)a layer called Vector with a sublayer showing the text appears in the layers palette.


If you right click on the text sublayer you get a menu with these choices:

Cut, Copy, Paste, Clear, Select, Align object, distribute object, Make object same size, convert text to curves, convert text to path, create raster selection.


As to the drop shadow, go to effects, 3d effects, drop shadow,  a window advises conversion to raster, click ok and drop shadow window opens, apply the shadow of your choice.


I just can't stop clicking on the sublayer which is not there now to start the process.  This means I have messed up a layer that is not a sublayer and I end up starting all over again. The properties window in PSP 2020 is something that I am not familiar with yet

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I see. That is why I always recommend making a duplicate of the vector layer (the text) and then, rasterize that layer. This allows you to add a shadow to the raster version, and the vector layer stays there as editable, just in case. Yes, it is a habit!
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I finally started Project 1.  I made 1 set and was not completely happy with it (I used 3 pictures instead of 2).  I made a second set and was a little bit happier with it.  What did I really learn this time.  (I used CrlY some times which I learned about in the Scrapbooking Class earlier).  I learned about cropping a picture by using the selection tool, but I did it after it was in my project and that did not work too well.  In the first set (Niagra Falls), I did not have room to use the text elements and so I used a Text tool and chose a text that looks kind of like the one in the kit.  I used the Color Correction tool a lot.  For some reason I am kinda hooked on that tool. I find that it sometimes works much better than the fill tool. I am learning more about the shadows and am glad of the Cheat Sheets you provide.  I learned about intensifying a color by using Brightness and Contrast>Levels under "Adjust".  I don't think I used shadows on the Niagra Falls set, but I don't think they would have shown up against that dark blue background.
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