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January WORD Challenge (2023)


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Here is the next Word challenge for you.

In January the word will be START. January is often a time of year when we will start new things, whether it is a resolution we hope to keep for longer than six weeks, or just consider this as a time to make some changes and start a new habit. Of course, this word can also be associated with something that is started at another time than January, like your grandbaby starting to walk, or when you started to drive, or even when it started to snow outside. What kind of START will you showcase?

Are you up to the challenge?

Post your project in the gallery.

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I have posted my page in the gallery, but until now I'm the first, so is it all right to post here too? Here it is easier to tell about the layout. For me it wasn't difficult to find something with the word Start because I happened to have read about the "start of the tulp season" in the newspaper of last saterday. A couple of hours later I saw what this week's challenge was about. Then it was just a matter of finding a photo in my collection. Normally I don't use bright colors, but tulips tend to have those, although there pastel ones too. In the flower cornerpunches there is one that has a tulip, so a must to use for this layout! IWAS (InternationalWordArtStudio) has free date labels in many colors.

Word Challenge-Jan.2023-600.jpg

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January word Challenge in the campus. START. I didn't clock up the miles yesterday, as I had intended to do. The wildlife had other ideas for me. Before I even set off, I encountered a small flock of black capped chickadees close by. I spent more time being inconspicuous than actually hiking the trails. Either way it was a great afternoon to be outdoors. I haven't done a magazine cover for a short while.   My very first page to be be added to the campus since the  changes.  I forgot to add it to the campus, after posting it on facebook on Sunday.

Yearling bull moose.  Male Snowy Owl.  Black-capped Chickadee.  

Magazine cover.  Jan word challenge START (1).jpg

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