Creative Scrap – GOLD




As a valued member of the Campus, I want to offer you even more.

You currently have a membership to The Lab, and I know that there is also a lot more content available in the monthly presentations.

If you are interested, you can join the GOLD membership.

This will add every upcoming Master Class to your regular subscription.

It will not change anything to your current subscription, just ADD to it.

If you are interested in this GOLD membership, fill out the form below and your next monthly payments will be $15 instead of $10 and you will get access to all the future Master Classes, starting with the next one, whether you attend or not.


  Simple? Yes it is.


 Convenient? Of course it is.


Worth it? Definitely as you get the $19.99 Master Classes for only $5!



It is time to upgrade!

(as a bonus, the first payment will only be in ONE MONTH)


Oops! This offer is reserved to The Lab member ONLY.

If you are already a member of The Lab, you just forgot to log in.

See you soon.