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You can purchase a six month membership for a one-time payment of


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        Yes, there will be A LOT of tutorials :

    • create buttons, beads, threads, rope, chains, stitches, embroidery, and more
  • create papers: gradients, plaids, tiled, seamless


  • apply many unique effects to papers, like folding, creasing, tearing, burning and more


  • create ribbons: ordinary ribbons, woven straps, organza and more
    • age, crease, fade, brighten, add borders to photos
  • create text or alpha with paint, chalk, sponge, and more
  • design more elements like belts, buckles, scotch tape, Dymo tape, pins, stickers and more
  • yet many many more will be added gradually, every month

 I just cannot list all the tutorials that will be included.


There are currently

over 140 tutorials

to discover and more are added

on a weekly basis.

  Here are just a few of the current tutorials:  

        See what you can do with your membership:

  • view the video tutorials as often as you want
  • download the handouts if you prefer written instructions
  • choose a detailed handout if you need all the steps explained or choose a summary if you want to skip the details
  • you will see different ways to create the same elements
  • each tutorial is independent from the others so you can choose to view them in any order
  • ask questions in the private forum if you are stuck and the instructor will be there for you
  • everything is done with your Paintshop Pro; no need to use costly plugins
  • use the supplies you already have and modify them
  • or create everything from scratch, all by yourself


  See what current students say:

I've already had a look at two of the tuts - and I'm blown away. I've had a lovely afternoon, managed to complete the eyelet paper; made a decorative edging, and I've just been through the plaid. Such fun !!! The tuts are so very easy to follow - which is great for me, because the 'technical stuff' usually leaves me in despair - after using PSP for about 18 months, its great to find out how much other stuff is possible.

            - Sue Turner

The videos are great and easy to understand.  I am looking forward to working more with each of them.

            -  Elaine Gisel


I just wanted to let you know how excited I am about the new PSP Elements course at Scrapbook Campus.  I have completed three of the tutorials, and I've been creating my own graphics and having a ball.  I can't wait to try the rest of tutorials you have ready... and I am really looking forward to all those to come in the future too!

I have looked for these kinds of tutorials for PSP for years, and yours are the only ones I've ever found that were exactly what I was looking for!  Thank you so much for taking the time to create and share these tutorials.  

            - Mary Jane Harris




  In addition to all those tutorials,  you will ALSO get these:


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