Time Master Classes

You want a nice winter photo but it is already July?

How will your house look with Christmas decorations?

Did you miss the fall colors but still want some autumn foliage on your photo?

Do you want to pretend you have an antique photo?


See how you can transform a summer photos into an early winter scene (you can also add more snow if you prefer, as you are the Master of time):

Original photo from Vicki (TravlynWomyn)

Pretend you took a night walk with this picture taken in plain daylight:

Original photo from Vicki (TravlynWomyn)

See what your house will look like with all the Christmas lights BEFORE you install them!

Original photo from Vicki (TravlynWomyn)

Or turn a modern photo into an old and tattered one that looks like it is a hundred years old (maybe not that old but you get the idea)



you can get the Time Master mini-module

Cost: $39.99

(instead of $59.98 if purchased separately)