Texting Master Classes


Using the Text tool sounds boring to you?

Think again!

See all the fun tricks we have for you!


  Text on path, on top and on the bottom. See how easy it really is. You are probably just missing one single little step.


  Text on a path, that is easy, but what about text inside a shape. How can I do that? There are two ways to do it: manually and automatically.


  Text is not only for text. See what else you can do with the fonts you have already on your computer!




A photo inside text: the hard way, and the easy way.


  Tweaking and playing with the individual characters of your text to create fun text.


  Subway art is a great way to create frames, wrap photos, document events with simple words and phrases.



You can get the Texting Duo

Cost: $29.99

(instead of $39.98 if purchased separately)