Shadows Master Classes


Having a hard time with the correct shadow for different elements?

Do you struggle with finding the perfect color for your shadow? 

Are your pages missing a little something?


See how easy it is to add basic shadows to common elements:

Or how you can add very detailed shadows to clusters:

And even shadows on fantasy layouts:



Blurred or sharp? What does each one says about your object or the light?


Do you add an ordinary shadow to lace? Almost but there is an additional detail to look for.


See-through objects should not be shadowed with black or grey, but how can you shadow with several colors?


Is a standard shadow black or not? You will be surprised by the answer! (and it will make your shadowing so much easier)


If it is fun to add a single shadow, how about two? or three? The more surfaces, the more shadows you need.



You can get the Shadow Class Duo

Cost: $29.99

(instead of $39.98 if purchased separately)