PhotoGraphics Master Classes


What to do with not-so-good photos that still mean something to you?

How can you turn ordinary photos into truly unique masterpieces?

Use similar photos yet make them look totally different!


Do you want to turn your photo into a cartoon? This might be great if you want to create a newspaper kind of montage.

Convert a photo into a cartoon with Paintshop Pro


What if you have a photo with the wrong colors? Turn it into a sketch!


Use watercolors to emphasize on the main subject of your photo and the other details will vanish like magic.


Now, you can create incredible effects by combining two of those techniques!


Do you want to turn your photo into chalk drawing on a blackboard?

Turn a photo into a chalk drawing


What if you have a photo that is blurred or has totally wrong colors? Make those color changes "artistic" and you get a pop art poster!


Get a photo of your house (or anybody's house) into a blueprint as if right from the architect's desk.


Add a splash of paint on any photo, even one that is not great!


Create an explosive effect!


You can get the Photo-Graphics mini-module

Cost: $39.99

(instead of $59.98 if purchased separately)