Framed Master Classes

Do you find your photos distorted when you add a frame?

You don't have a frame? No problem, you can create one

  Remember one essential detail, or your photo will look... weird!


  PSP can add borders for you, but how much more you can do with that simple feature!


  Photos can be framed by themselves, and very creatively!


  Picture tubes are unique to PSP, but using this free script will make your frames just as unique.

  Create simple yet original mats with whatever supplies you have on hand.


  Add journaling in a creative way, while adding focus on your photos.


  Draw, doodle, type; all ways to add a different type of emphasis as a frame with lines of all types.


You can get the Framed Class Duo

Cost: $29.99

(instead of $39.98 if purchased separately)