Canada 150


This is a celebration in the Campus as well as around the whole country.

Although Canada is a great (and big) country, I can't make you visit it in this promotion, but I can get you to browse throughout the Campus and collect puzzle pieces to complete the official logo.


What's in it for you?

Over $150 in prizes.

These prizes will be drawn at random, among all those who send in their completed puzzle:

1 participant will win a copy of Paintshop Pro X9 Ultimate ($99)

2 participants will each win one Master Classes of their choice ($40)

1 participant will win the Basic Scrap course ($30)


How to play?

1- Download your full-size copy of the partial puzzle made from the Canada150 official logo.

2- Follow the clues to the missing 10 pieces of the puzzle.

3- Click on the images that will look something like this, and download the individual pieces.

4- Layer all the pieces you collect to fill the puzzle.

5- Send me your completed puzzle in a jpg format.


How long do I have?

The "hunt" will last for 4 days only (from July 1st to July 4th). All entries should be received by midnight, on July 4th.

The winners will be announced within a few days afterward.


Do I need to be a paying member?

No. All the pieces are hidden in fully accessible places, whether you are a paying member or not. Some will be in blog posts, some on various pages of the Campus.


Here are the clues

  1. Where can I purchase a copy of PSP X (since it is no longer available on the Corel site)?
  2. Where do I save all those files I downloaded for Paintshop Pro?
  3. Can you put my head on Madonna's body?
  4. I want to watch one class for free. Where can I do that?
  5. Can I use Photoshop brushes (.abr) in Paintshop Pro?
  6. How can the guides help me? And where do I find them?
  7. What do you know about Cassel and how she started using Paintshop Pro?
  8. Where can I get free supplies for my projects?
  9. How di I get the old Material Properties window in my new Paintshop Pro?
  10. Turn me into a silhouette and you won't see me blush.


Now what?

Now, simply put all the pieces together and complete the puzzle.

Send me a jpg version of your completed puzzle at

Make sure you send it to me before the midnight on July 4th!

Enjoy the hunt and the discoveries!