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    Also, in the Lab, there are several references to Scribble (as in scribble fill) but they are all in the “try these Experiments” part of the labs, not the video “Learn this” section.  So you say they’d be really cool to do, but I don’t know how, LOL! (There is one thing in Scribble, but that is sort of many lines going over each other in 9-6 to write the word “Family” as the example.)  I’d like to fill a heart shape with more zig-zaggy scribble lines of a gradient pinky-red for Valentine’s Day, mostly staying in the lines, but not quite. I’m using a mouse, not a tablet. 🙁

    This should probably be a tutorial as opposed to Q&A, but I’m not sure where those requests go, LOL!  There is one tutorial for chalk (this is very even and stays in the lines) and another for paint, but nothing for just nice, but slightly irregular, lines used as a fill.