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    Hi, everybody, was down with the flu…a real killer. I’d advise against it. :). I do not believe I have ever had a worse year health-wise in my entire life, even adding all the years together, I don’t think would come up to this year!

    meanwhile a crop of very lovely and wonderful, creative cards was posted while I was sick, and I have to mention a couple – the ones on this page because I can’t go back without losing my text – because I just HAVE TO! The cats in the sleigh! Anita, did you put your own cats photos into the outfits? I just thought it was so cute! Hilariously cute! So Victorian!

    mary, congratulations on your Eagle Scout! That’s wonderful! (Along with the g great! Holy cow!)

    Monique, very interesting on the date stamp script. I need to go back and look at it because what you did was very hip and cool. I didn’t realize that was the script. I thought it put a date on the bottom of your pic, so I definitely need to go back and see it in the store! Or did you do something different? Please tell!

    Marie-Claire, you are a bad influence on me….first the palette maker2 script, now the ribbon factory! 🙂 just kidding I appreciate seeing them in action.

    sue, I need help. You have a perfectly sized texture on your blue Christmas card with the bells on it. File name Day7-1, I think. The texture is not too deep, not too shallow, not too big, but big enough to see in the gallery. How did you do it!???

    Cindy, YGG!  I thought you were new? If you are new at PSP, then you are amazing to have done that cupcake card. I thought it was hard! Even if you are not new, I found it Definitely challenging!

    and Shirley, you and your friend look like you’ve had a lot -a whole lot – of good times between you!

    I did a little Black Friday shopping at the scrapbook stores….one of them had Christmas tags…maybe $2.00 for 15? I was going to buy them then I figured, “nah, I can just make them myself.” Hahaha. Not sure it’s true. And I have to buy some wrapping paper to having something to match. With my new palette script!

    I guess that’s it. I haven’t spoken to anybody in what? 5 days? Missed Thanksgiving at my daughter’s. My husband stayed with me, so she was stuck with a big spread and no guests. 🙁  Sorry I’m so chatty. Just glad I’m not in the hospital, though my husband had them in speed dial because I was really sick.