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    Susan (#86852), I love that watercolor effect in the background!

    Anita (#86871), have you noticed the shading on the blue flowers? It looks like the light source is at the bottom right. Did you rotate it? If not, try to rotate them by 180 degrees to have the shading consistent with the other flowers.

    Sharla (#86874), very traditional, but also very nice.

    Sheila (#86877), those are cute bees!!! Interesting to see corner punches from other sources! (#86955), that embossed background gives such a delicate effect.

    Monique (#86880), that welcome baby card is lovely. Those images are cute! (#86902) To move a selection, simply right-click inside the selection and that will grab it.

    Lyn (#86885), these cards remind me of a game on the Sesame Street show “One of these things just doesn’t belong” to find the one different image in a set of four.

    Kasany (#86886), are the hearts separate? Since they are the same color, if they are on separate layer, consider adjusting the brightness just a tiny bit, just enough to make them slightly different shades of red.

    Marie-Claire (#86887), those trees are making me smile for sure. Where did you get them? (#86914), those apples are also great. You must have a secret source as your images are so cute and unique.

    Sue (#86889), yes, that was PaintShop Christmas 4. We saw many snowglobes in the forum that year! (#86912), I love it when a card is particularly customized to the recipient, in the theme, the color, or something else.

    Ann (#86892), that is a very original take on the theme, and very effective!

    Sharon (#86898), it is lovely to see a family photo on a card. Will you be using it this year? (#86920) great result. I see you found a different cupcake to use.

    Suzy (#86899), if you really need to have a title/text, there is always a way to do it. Maybe sideways? Maybe add a mat underneath? That little charm is great!

    Trish (#86924), that is such a great idea to use the card for an invitation.

    Louyse (#86929), you might want to have a peek at the shadows on the yellow flowers: they are inconsistent with all the other shadows. If the shadows are on separate layers, you can replace them. If not, you might be able to rotate them by 90 degrees.

    Donna (#86930), great idea to use the stork AND the photo. And welcome as a DIAMOND member. I am glad you are already enjoying yourself!

    Corrie (#86932), that is a great idea. We have obviously seen a lot of Christmas cards, but not many for New Year!

    Anne (#86940), now who will receive that card? You might be able to ‘scare’ someone with that!

    Shirley (#86941), you are catching up very well despite all your challenges. I hope you recover soon so your mind will be more at ease to enjoy the hobby.

    Linda (#86958), that is such an interesting take for a card! And thank you for the tip. I guess I am a little lazy and I simply make sure that the background of the card is not pure white, so I have something to follow when I cut the edge! I am sorry that the pre-Black Friday event is overlapping. But it will be going until Monday night and the workshop will finish on Sunday morning.

    Lois (#86963), you are catching up very nicely. Such a cute gnome!

    Some of you might have noticed that now, when you click on the thumbnails of some images embedded into the posts, a large image pops up. I have partially fixed the issue that caused the images to NOT display in full size. Yay!!!

    With this workshop so well received, I often read comments about “learning something new”, or “loving this new technique”. How about you tell us what is that “something new” you learned or re-learned. I bet everyone picks up something different from each tutorial!