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I just almost watched a video on YouTube about blending, but one of the comments caught my attention about using the pen tool to make a vector box for text.

“I loved the wrapped text box. I had not thought to use the pen tool to create a box and then convert to a text box and type. i can’t wait to try it.”

Does this work for PSP?  (And if so, can yo add it to the docket?)

Could it have been used on the text in the first two LOs below?  It would have been sooo cool if they had the exact same amount of space between the bus and the text (on the second LO)

Was it used on the last LO?  Probably not – that was probably the point to point bezier curve, right?, and I could really, really use some help (like an entire hour session, LOL!) on that because the slightest movement makes it go haywaire and snaggle on another line.