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Here are summarized hints added in this thread, and for other clues:


Hint for #1:

Sometimes, you want to shop on Amazon.

Hint for #2:

All those supplies need to be saved in their proper location.

Hint for #3:

You can also swap heads with anyone else.

Hint for #4:

There are more than 100 classes but only one is free.

Hint for #5:

PaintShop Pro can use many types of files.

Hint for #6:

You can snap to the guides and pull them from the rulers.

Hint for #7:

That is the founding story about Carole and the Campus.

Hint for #8:

Did you check all the resources listed in the menu?

Hint for #9:

There is “the new” way and the “old way” to set up your PSP.

Hint for #10:

I also have tips and tricks about colored focus and interlacing in that section.

Hint for #11

I can still use PSP even if I have low vision.

Hint for clue #12

It took at least half an hour of that class to show how to turn someone into a witch. That was a spooky video.

Hint for #13:

The “sandwich” helps teach beginners about layers in that class.

Hint for #14:

This is the only site where you can generate your own challenge.

Hint for #15:

Today, we have an event listed in the calendar (it is a Q&A)

Hint for #16:

Did you ever share a testimonial with others about the Campus?

Come on! This is the last day. I want you to succeed, so let us know if you are still stuck. We will help!

Remember to visit the various sections of the Campus. They are listed in the menu on top of most pages, but there are also a few more in the footer!