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Susan Ewart
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Here’s my sports layout Day 4.  I was an active kid and a somewhat weird kid (refer to second story in the paragraph).  But Nadia and gymnastics was a big one for me.  Nothing competitive, just me and my bestie learning some gymnastic moves.   As a young adult I took up weightlifting (body building), something I do to this day.  I wish Crossfit had been around when I started that would have suited me better.

Fonts are Puritan (journaling) and Gill Sans Ultra Bold.  papers from digital scrapbook, olympic rings, map and picture of Nadia from google search. Stars are from the Carole’s template, they seemed to fit the page just how they were.

Bonnie, I had to laugh at your story.  My brother and I and our friends used to eat these yummy grapes (that we stole from our neighbours vines (see I really am a thief!) and we’d suck out the inside and decided to throw the skins at passing cars.  We threw them at a motorcyclist passing by and he stopped and we ran into your tin shed and he came and there was wire just inside the door that he grabbed and tied the doors shut.  We were cowering in the back of the shed.  My brother found the little hatchet and freed us.  We never did that again!