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As to upgrading PSP, on the File Menu there was a choice to Import from Previous Versions, so that’s what I always do. No hunting involved.

This process is good, but not foolproof. It will point PSP to the folders from three previous versions where supplies are stored, however, it means that if you delete those older versions, those folders might also be gone. Also, as in Suzy’s situation, the 2021 will NOT import supplies from X2 as it is more than 3 versions back. That is why I recommend gathering your supplies (especially those you downloaded, purchased, or created) in their own custom folder, totally separate from PSP. That way, every new version only takes you a few minutes to point PSP to those custom folders, AND it also allows you to have all the same supplies no matter what version you are using. I often alternate between various versions for scripting and testing various things, and that way, I have the exact same brushes, picture tubes, scripts, shapes, etc. no matter what version I am using.