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Theresa Di Cesare
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Carole – I just went back onto the pspimage of my template 5, and again ran through the tutorial. I don’t know if it is a glitch on my PSP2022, but doing the select all when the layer of the stitching is highlighted doesn’t flood fill the stitching with a colour – at first it didn’t change colour, nothing happened, and then a 2nd time it flood filled the background of the stitching layer. I locked the transparency on it, and did each action as was on the tutorial. but to no avail.

I then went back onto it, highlighted the stitching layer in layers, locked the transparency, picked a colour, clicked the flood fill, and then clicked the area inside the stitching, and voila…. the colour changed 🙂 All I did differently was not do the ‘CTRL A’ to select all.

I have found that sometimes taking a step back from a project for whatever reason is quite beneficial when something is not going quite right – gives you time to find a solution, question whether the actions were done properly or not, or run through things with a clearer head.