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Susan Ewart
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(#74159) Trish. I haven’t been watching. Now I am intrigued.  I will ask my husband as he watched the show and read the books years ago.  I love fantasy, but not if there is too much drama, I like adventure so I never got into Game of Thrones (I tried).

My internet and computer is acting weird today so I’m posting before I lose it.  I used Digital Scrapbook papers and elements for both layouts and the same font (Magdala Script – it has lots of glyphs).  The layout called Metal and Glass has some issue’s.  I see the far left frame is thinner than the other ones, I don’t know what happened there, but I did have a weird lag in the computer at that time.  I didn’t shadow the title either, it looked weird and I’m going to pretend it was done with ink.  I turned the layout 90 degrees to get portrait type layout for the photos.  Photo’s are mine, glass/jewelry is Melanie Rowe.

A question for Rene.  When you said you changed the shadows because as you go up the layers the papers would be farther from the base.  Do you base the shadowing on it’s relative nearness to the paper directly below it or to the very bottom layer (further away).  I was wondering because a paper layered on another paper (even several layers up) would be the same distance to the paper right below it as the first paper up from the base would be to the base.  Does this makes sense.  I like to hear about how people tackle shadows and make note of their techniques.