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Raymond Easley
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    To Diamond Members:

    I have sat here and read all the laudable details about Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. I did not vote for him.  I voted for Donald Trump. If you want to support a man who was at a meeting on January 5, 2017 while he was still Vice President and discussed plans to essentially destroy a man’s Presidency when he was not even going to be inaugurated for 15 more days then you do not know his history. A Democratic party who dredged up a total lie about “Russian collusion”, which has since been discovered was financed by Hillary Clinton, illegally outed hundreds of people by the CIA by unmasking their names on confidential telephone calls, took advice from Fiona Hill, a member of the last impeachment who was well aware of the lies of the British spy, Daniel Steele, that is your right, both as citizens of other countries and those of the USA but I for one am not proud of it.

    Joe Biden, who in one day signed a decree letting go 92,000 illegal aliens who just happened to be convicted of crimes by juries and judges and we think that is wise, has to be judged on their criminal activity in the future. By the stroke of his signature he told thousands of union workers who were working on the Keystone XL pipeline to go home, your job has been cancelled without consulting Canada at all and which will result in an immediate tax increase on every gallon of gas we buy, was that a compassionate decision?

    I, for one, raised my hand and took the oath of office to “uphold and defend the constitution of the United States” and spent six years of my life in the U.S. Army, have the right to a different opinion and now I am supposed to be “re-educated” because my views are dangerous? We are so close to losing the first Amendment of the Bill of Rights, which is freedom of speech and why I am taking the time to write this. If it is your wish that I never post another comment on this web site again, then so be it. If I am not welcome because I am a conservative and proud of it, I will gladly leave.


    Raymond Easley