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    Connie, I was asking mostly because it looks like an element that could have been done with my Enamel script. I was curious if you had done it yourself.

    Annie T., such a colorful page with that bird. I really like the use of the patterned papers for the little squares.

    Clarine, if the Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V adds a layer, it means it is copying SOMETHING. I am a bit stumped for ideas for now, but I’ll do some searching. Otherwise, check back with me through emails and we might need to do a remote session.

    Jacques, such a nice colorful layout for the last one. It is so nice to learn little details about everyone.

    Annie, I am not exactly sure what you mean in your last sentence “The text of BuSy could I do not have the 2nd letter in colors to yellow corel I think I do not feel like.” Could you re-explain?

    Mike, maybe THIS ARTICLE could help with the Magic Wand? I think you might have forgotten the shadows on your fourth project. Is that possible?

    Mary, whenever you have text wrapped inside a selection, when you resize, the selection does not, so the text is still there, but out of your image. It is a bit of an annoyance. The Basic Scrap Course is a self-paced course, so you can do the lessons at your own leisure. I will plan a group to work on those lessons together (a bit like this Bootcamp) but it won’t be until March. But you can start now on the lessons, and contact me if you have any issue.