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Karon Dey
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    Anne: the sunrise layout would make a beautiful card. How you framed Steve & Phoebe is lovely and really highlights them.

    Minka: great layout of the Ospreys. We have one here in NW FL that builds a nest on top of a telephone pole overlooking the bayou every year. Liking the note papers you have made. Henri is such a special friend and your layout does him justice. Maybe you should have the “puzzle” printed out so that you can put it together again. Great idea using it. Having raised wild animals myself, you are correct in them becoming wild. I love what you did with your circle doodles. You did a great job with the selective focus on the deer. I will have to try the Laplacien plug-in if it does as great a job as it did on the subway system. That is beautiful. Awesome idea to use the Year in Review for a different type of project. Love the pictures you used.

    Ann: love your page with the blues and golds. Really makes tshe oriole stand out in the pictures. Pink Sky Before Dawn is a fantastic page. The background works well with the colors in the photo while the blue and red papers with the trees add just the right spot of bright color. You did an outstanding job on extracting the tufted titmouse. A Family Affair is a wonderful take on the assignment “Friends.” You have chosen just the right colors for the background, extra papers and elements to showcase the birds. Your granddaughter deserves all the thanks we can give you and then that would not be enough. You have done a beautiful layout for her and I know she will appreciate it.

    Sue: the flax card is so gorgeous. I like how you enlarged a portion of it the place the quote by Helen Keller. A most appropriate quote. The viola quote layout is superb. The gold frame and title work so well to capture the colors in the flower. Black capped chickadee is so cute all puffed up to keep warm. The frame is perfect and I enjoy reading about the birds. Red breasted nuthatch is wonderful. The gold and brown colors of the photo pop against the blue-grey gradient.

    Lynda: Wonderful out-of-bounds with the tulip and daffodil (but your tulips do look a lot like poppies). You did a fantastic job with the photo split script. I like how you then sued the lifted photo script. Nice job on doing the layout to commemorate the inauguration.

    Val: thank you for the comment on my bird layout. You did great with Lab 7 Mod 2. Only you would put a fire under my nephew’s feet. LOL. You did great.

    Bonnie: cute “elf on a shelf” layout.

    Raymond: great job on your Valentine’s Day animation. Changing the background and elements from your Christmas layout made for a totally new look.

    Michele: always look forward to seeing your gaming pics. All three are excellent, though I have to say my favorite is Sunday Stripes.

    Cristina: it is lovely to see you again. I am in awe of your travel layout. It is a wonderful way to show off those pictures from far away places. And the set up is such that you can use it for other trips as well.

    Annie: amazing layout. The patchwork of colors and patterns and spiral design really draw your eye in to focus on the birds. Lovely picture and interesting information on them. Like Minka, I have never heard of them before. Great job on picking a background for your fairy wren. I almost could not tell where one ended and one began (the shadow helped). The blue elements coordinate so well with the blue on the wren’s head.

    Corrie: thanks for the heads up on the plug-in and Edge. It really did a great job making the museum picture pop.