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    Mary, when you buy PSP, you get BOTH versions (32-bits and 64-bits). It is just a matter of the installation process. However, it can also depend on your system. If you have an older computer that is 32-bits, then the 64-bits will never install. If, on the other hand, your computer is a 64-bits, you would have to uninstall the current version you have and re-install it, while carefully selecting the option to install BOTH versions.

    Each version of PSP is independent of each other, EVEN if you purchase the UPGRADE. I have versions 9 – 2021 installed on my computer and they play along very nicely 🙂 Now that you have one PSP, NEVER buy a full version again; always choose the UPGRADE, from now on!

    Try not to get frustrated. Those programs, now, are so complex that it is easy to miss a small detail that will make a tool not work or work in an odd way. When in doubt, ask. There is always the “Need help?” tab on the right, if you encounter a problem. That tab is a direct line to my inbox!