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Bonnie Ballentine
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    Oh, my! Wonderful projects! I loved everything I saw. Many of you do such a masterful job of acknowledging each project. I will try but you folks have set the standard high…very high.

    Sue, I will never tire of your nature photos. Each time you post, I think, “That is my favorite”. Thank you for sharing. You see the beauty of the world!

    Lynda, I love your play with “playing with PSP”. Great job! Your circle doodles are wonderful!

    Annie, your enthusiasm and encouragement, make this place feel like family and home. Your love for Australia shines through. I love my home state…and I love how you show your love for your home!

    Raymond, I have been working with a lot of extraction lately…it is very time consuming…and you did a great job. I also enjoyed your Merry Christmas page. I am amazed at how many techniques you and Annie use for each project.

    Karon, you are faithful to the Labs…I need to try them more…I could learn so much… as you have demonstrated for us.

    Sheila, you are nailing the “playing with PSP”. I smile at each of your creations.

    Corrie…love the “Year in Review”…they are fun, aren’t they?

    Michelle, you are amazing and I love what you did with the ALFL blog train. I have those templates…I need to start using them!

    Anne, Minka and Ann, great pages on birds of prey. I am especially fond of hawks…don’t know why…just am.  Minka, I love your note papers.

    Val, enjoyed your work with Labs. I find curled edges difficult. I am rarely able to get the effect I want. You did a great job.

    Each of you teach me so much…information about nature, people, locations, plus…all I can learn to do in PSP. Thank you, Everyone. Have a great weekend/week.