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Ann Seeber
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    Leslie: Your woodpecker layout is awesome! Everything coordinates nicely with your theme. Good job!

    Clarine: I love your photo and your color scheme. I think if I was that stuck I would click on the Need help? tab on the right side of each page, knowing Carole/Cassel would email me privately and get me out of any mess. Try it!

    Lynn: Your swan layout looks great! I just found Unsplash myself so I’ll have to try some of their photos.

    Julia: I like the colors used in your second layout and your photo is beautiful; to me that’s creativity! Keep practicing, things will jell better for you as you try more layouts. Your first layout turned out really well – love that rosy paper background!

    Amparo: Welcome! Hoping to see your work soon!

    Jacques: Your embellishments always make me chuckle! 🙂

    Cindy: Pinks and blues.. your layout is very sweet.

    AnnieT: What can I say.. very interesting how you used your background paper as a pattern to fill your headline text. That’s a technique I should use more often! Thanks! 😉

    And last but not least, here’s a joke I got from a friend in Sweden that I can’t stop laughing at, hoping it brightens your day too: