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Annie Tobin
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    Lynda, 2021 has been a bit of a pain for me. It crashes often especially when using the magic wand and the selection tool for feathering etcetera. That is why I always have my old faithful PSPX7 open as well. X7 never fails with the use of plugins. I do not use the 64 bit as plugins are well nigh useless in it but the 32 bit will allow more to work in either version. When I have PSP open no matter what version it is always the 32 bit for ease of use with the plugins. 2021 was a waste of funds for me so I will be waiting a long time after their next release to make sure it is well and truly tested before I purchase.
    There is a site where the odd tutorial is very helpful for the inner workings of PSP –
    I think the site is Spanish but the link is for the English translations. There is a tab at the very top titled tut tecnici and you will find useful technical tuts in there. It will come up in Spanish/Portuguese but google will translate for you.
    If you start using Jasc Animation Shop you will become addicted. I got my certificate in animation in 2014 and this is a link to some of my Pinterest posts for my animations … interestingly I have not posted the advanced lessons results!
    Love your work Lynda and it will be interesting to see what you think of the Fairymist and Maidiregrafica sites. ;D