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Annie Tobin
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    Corrie, a sweet Christmas card for Christmas wishes my friend and your gnome is a real cutie. Thank you and a merry Christmas to yourself and your family.
    I think it is not the merry Christmas that most of us would have wished for. Here in Queensland we have not been greatly impacted by COVID even though it’s tentacles have spread far and wide. Our State Premier has been a Godsend in maintaining rules and regulations to keep it under control.
    Unfortunately even if not COVID afflicted there are other tragedies that render a merry Christmas mute.
    On Wednesday 16th December a very dear family friend hung himself in one of our public parks and then one week later my niece’s partner hung himself in their shed while she was inside feeding their 8 month old baby girl. Strange year and strange occurrences … 2020 was a very bad year all round and this Tobin family was not meant to celebrate Christmas … all our plans being quashed … naturally.
    I am not grieving so much as I feel deeply saddened for the lost souls and the heartbreak that is left behind.
    May 2021 be a better year for us all dear Corrie. 🙁