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    While everyone has been playing with snow, snowmen and gnomes … I am battling Cuban Tree Frogs.  While I like frogs in general, I do NOT LIKE the invasive Cuban Tree Frogs.  They are messy and big and can jump what seems like a country mile.  I had to have my roof vents all screened as they love to get in those, too.  They can even get in the house that way.  Now they are finding a lovely Christmas Home in the accordion Hurricane Shutters.  Well, as with any living breathing creature they do two things.  Eat and poop.  Not pretty on your windows.  I have learned they are quite aggressive too when you spray them with a high pressure hose.  They almost laugh at you.  It’s like a Disney ride to them.  They love it.  I read you have to spray them with vinegar.  Anyone ever done that?  I wondered if it would etch the window glass?  The only gnome I would have here would be a frognome!  Merry Christmas – Happy Holidays, everyone.