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Karon Dey
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    Ann Seeber, great advent 8. Congrats on the new computer. Soon you will be doubling your output. Advent 9 is stunning with the deep green frame and gold. Mr. Grinch is a favorite around here and I adore what you had done for Advent 10. I am enjoying how you combine the song challenge with the Advent calendar. Wonderful job on adding the Santa hat to Angela.

    Cristina, thank you. How about making a gnome a month? That way you would have them all year long. A New Year gnome, a Valentine gnome, etc. Wow, that gave me an idea.

    Oh Sue, your gnomes are certainly adorable. I attended too, but haven’t gotten around to trying them yet. Awesome names.

    James, fabulous pictures and I like how you used one as the background. I really like the idea of laminating the childrens artwork and my son would love the upside down tree. He’s always wanted to do that.

    Larry, awesome card. Anyone who receives it will be lucky.

    Annie, such a cute gnome family. And what a great idea to make the female gnomes with hair braids instead of beard. Love them all.

    Nice one Raymond. Such a beautiful picture. While I’m in NW Florida, I’m sure you have been enjoying the crazy weather as well. Great instructions on cleaning the desktop. I just use my husband, LOL.

    Minka, beautiful Christmas wish. Background reminds of abstract art and the colors are stunning. So sorry to hear about your friend’s grandson. We thought ours had it to and he was in the hospital for a week. Luckily it turned out to be something else.