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Jnet Allard
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My day 4

I used: Kit The Hunt by Dreamsfulfilled and model by Cassel and Personal photo

My translated text:

I have never been a great athlete. I went ice skating when I was about nine years old. We were skating at outside. It was so cold.

Then as a teenager, I loved skating since I took the opportunity to meet little “buddies”.

Then, I don’t remember exerting myself in any way, other than bowling once a week for a few years.

Today, I walk for an hour every morning and for the past few years I have gone moose hunting either with a crossbow or a rifle.

Carole, j’adore cette manière d’insérer du texte dans une page, après beaucoup d’années sur PSP je suis étonnée d’avoir encore des choses à apprendre 😉