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Ann, you are busy, just finishing one challenge and jumping into another one! If you want to use those bird photos for the projects, you will several admirers and the photographer might enjoy seeing how you will showcase them!

Margaret, those smiling faces will be perfect for your projects. I hope you have more photos of them! And remember that we are here to help if you have any question.

Cathy, scrapbooking and genealogy have a lot in common! Several genealogists do use scrapbooking to display their family’s history or finding. You surely will be able to use the techniques in many other projects. Have fun!

Elizabeth, I also started with tags, but felt it didn’t have as much of a purpose, which is why I fell in love with using PSP for scrapbooking. I hope it will make you discover a new angle of using PSP.

Fay, the Learning Center is not needed when you have the Campus here 😉  For the Background color and the workspace color, they are exactly the same as in X9. Remember that the Background color is only visible around the image when they are tabbed or when you stretch the edges. It does not refer to the center part of the Workspace. By the way, where is your son in New-Brunswick? That is where I live!

Kathy, to dock a toolbar or a palette, grab it, and you should see some faint arrows indicating where you can dock them. Do you see that? If you do, then you can drag your toolbar/palette to the arrow indicating where you want it docked.

Bill, isn’t it nice to have options to set the workspace the way you want? You like the darker workspace, while I prefer the lighter one. And everyone is happy! Looking forward to your projects.

Ben, I would not have guessed that this image was done with Posers! I also hope that you will learn something new. I find that even after 15+ years, I still find new things.

Robert, you might have been the longest using PSPer in the Campus. I think you are the first one I hear mention having started with version 1.0! If you ever have other issues with the post not posting, send me a message. Sometimes, posts get caught in a spam filter, which I can release in the backend.