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Ruth, glad to see you made it in. Looking forward to your projects. Are you going to have tea, coffee or something else in that cup?

Shirley, since your project is not one from the lessons in the Bootcamp, you might want to post it in the What are you working on? thread instead, so more people will see it. For the Bootcamp, try to stay a bit closer to the “lesson plans”, simply so that newcomers could get inspired and recognize the projects and not wonder why their works don’t resemble yours. It is also going to be easier for me to know which project (from the lessons) you are doing.

Euka, glad that you found the way to use the Classic Material palette. I personally just don’t care for the new format. You have a cute little spoon for your coffee. I guess not everyone needed one!

Krystyna, I hope the tea was good as it is all gone now 🙂

Robert, you are quite right about the Copy merge, however, the exercise was to show how to move layers from one image to the other. Another detail about using the Copy merge is the fact that all those layers will be merged (obviously), which won’t allow the user to manipulate the layers anymore. In scrapbooking, it can be an inconvenience as we like to keep layers separate to maintain that ability to change our minds. But in other contexts, yes, it is a great command, and I also use it often 🙂 As for the transparency, it is always removed if you save in jpg format. If you save in PNG format, it will keep the transparency.

Cristina, you are going to make everyone envious of your lunch!

Lynda, very detailed sandwich and ingredients! that wood background definitely look like a picnic table.

Isabel, you also thought of turning the cup! That tablecloth is perfect for a picnic.

Fiona, with PSP, you can so easily customize that sandwich and have as many pickles as you want!

Glenson, how did you add the texture on your bread? It looks quite good and realistic.

Joan, you better be careful not to get your nice quilt dirty, like it happened to Fiona!

Mary, it is great that you learned something new and are now going to be more comfortable with the process.

Jose, those shadows really add dimensions. Although it was not part of the lesson (keeping it simple for the beginners), you seemed to have had fun with it and the result is great.

Cindy, you make me want to have those fries! I am glad you managed this project without cussing! 🙂