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Sue Thomas
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Thank you ever so much Barbara for your very kind comment.  I have 6 tree Swallow nest boxes, and every year they are occupied.  I agree they are very agile little birds.   The technique for the background paper isn’t in the campus.  Some techniques I’ve learnt by trail and error.  I will say that you will be learning how to create your own masks in the challenge.  You don’t necessarily have to use a masked image.  Choose a square image.  (if using a masked image, on a new layer I will flood fill the background with a matching colour. Move that layer beneath the mask, merge down)  Go to adjust, Blur, Gaussian blur.  Then go to  effects, image effects, seamless tiling.  Go to  the material pallete, select pattern.  There you will find the  seamless tile you created.  Flood fill your  layer.  The settings will depend on the size of your image.   I hope  I have explained this is a way that you can  follow.   I’ve attached an image of  one of, what I refer to as one of my Male Tree Swallows.  Feel free to save it, and use it in a project.  It’s best to crop as a square, when  using the seamless tiling  tool.

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