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Jerri, even if you ran out of time, you did a great job on that last layout.

Connie, you definitely seem to be more comfortable with your PSP and it shows in your layout. I love the seashells in the title.

Peggy, at least when you use a ready-made kit (or supplies) it allows you to concentrate on the technique. As you get more and more comfortable, then you will want to create your own. So it is quite ok. Using those supplies also makes the process faster.

Ann, black frames are less common than white ones, but they definitely make your photos stand out! Your Obi certainly looks like a happy camper!

Trish, are my eyes playing tricks on me or do you have blue shadows on your last layout?

Shirley, there is no time like now to start. And you still have time to catch up. Looking forward to your projects. You are starting very well and those pictures are great (cute and fun).

Remember that you still have until tomorrow night to post 4 out of 5 projects to be entered into the draw. However, you can always post more projects after that “deadline”, or if you want to redo some projects, it is fine too.

And that survey too… your comments are always welcome.