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    Annie, very good work to have done most of those elements from scratch! It looks like you are getting more and more comfortable with that!

    Marisa, very good result on your project 1. May I suggest that you darken the title a bit as it would make it easier to read.

    Mireille, yes, you can tweak the shadow like that. You could also make it just with a larger offset, and a bigger blur. Both ways could work. See what is easier for you.

    Cristina, using the same kit is never an issue: it really shows how digital scrapbooking can easily be about using and re-using the same supplies more than once, and although it can be very different, it still gives a sense of cohesion.

    Trish, that pizza layout makes me smile. That is an excellent example of a layout that does not need a photo!

    Anja, that photo matches the kit very well (day 4). Great photos on the Day 5 layout.