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    Anja, great photo and well showcased.

    Sharon, as others have said, simpler is often better when you want to showcase a photo or a story, otherwise, it can get lost.

    Mireille, Incana grew up a lot since the first photo you shared with me to use during a class. Do you remember? Nice water effect on your paper!

    Libera, yes you have to place the photos in reverse order for them to appear in the correct order after, but it is ok, as we can easily see which one is before and which one is after. You definitely have a good breakfast!

    Cristina, maybe some day, I would be able to make a script for placing various elements along a path. A bit more advanced code but maybe some day!

    Lynda, on the Day 3 layout, is that paper one you did from scratch from a DIAMOND tutorial?

    HF, is that document a scanned memorabilia or was that part of the kit? I like how the shadows on the letters are thicker than the other shadows on the project. It gives it more depth.

    Sharon, on Day 5, that will be a fun project to figure out who are on that photo!

    Marisia, looking forward to see some scrapbook projects of yours.