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Marlene Lingham
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    Hi Everyone,

    It has been really good looking at all the different pages, there are some really terrific ones out there, so inspirational.

    I had a busy Easter so have only just got around to finishing the project. I struggled a bit with the painted wood, mainly trying to make my cork hat stand out and I ended up duplicating the layers and using blend modes, I think it worked ok. For my clip I used an ellipse which I duplicated and made smaller twice, then used the pen tool to add a few lines to the end and handle on the other. I tried to get a leather look suitable for a stock whip but I think it is more bronze, not too bad though. I didn’t leave the doily white as it was too bright for the rest of the page.

    This was an enjoyable challenge, as they always are, and I learnt a lot, particularly by looking at other people’s contributions.