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Royanne Hewko
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Bonnie, the use of the template is great.  We started playing pickleball in our small community hall once a week.  There are a few of us that go south in the winter where we learned how to play the game.   Those that stay here in the winter use our community hall to play.

My husband’s name is Ken.   On the internet I found a Ken doll taking a white poodle for a walk, with a PINK leash.   It was in a JPG format, I erased the white poodle and put our little chihuahua on the end of the rope.   I found a double frame and tried to line them up the best I could.   I was constantly LOL doing this one.    The path that the Ken doll is walking is the same path that Ken used but a different picture.   I had a bit of trouble on the fine details of the leash a few extra pixels here and there.  Hope you have a chuckle or two like I did!!!!  The JPG image below is a bit off, my Ken is not that dark and the Ken doll is not that bright on my original.