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Annie Tobin
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Hi Cristina.  You may come by as soon as I arrive there, lol!  I agree with you … I am uncomfortable doing clusters!  This one I put together from a beach scrapkit by Carena.  It took me an age to do and I was nervous, lol!  In the end I thought it was passable and fitted with the main page so I went with it but it really is one of the hardest things for me to do.  I love them because it is like using a single element just to lend spark to a page.  Most clusters I find through a google search are based around a frame and as I use frames very irregularly they do not suit.  Anyway, now that I have had a play around and actually posted something I have made myself I will try and continue with my attempts.

I wonder if Cassel has a tut on the subject … I haven’t seen one in my explores but there is so much here that I haven’t discovered yet!  May be a suggestion to put forward as Cassel has prompted us to do.

Phew, have I rabbited on or what!  Anyways CupCake, thank you so much for the compliment, much appreciated.  <3