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Robert Boers
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No, it is not the tabbed images question, that is clear, and I never use tabbed documents. And I always use fit window to image.

I have another example which explains  my question perhaps better.

In X-3, I have opened document, see pic 1, a face of a woman, and I want to add hands to that picture. So from another source, I found a pair of hands that I want to use, see pic 1-1. I copy the hands and put them in pic 1 as a new layer, see pic 2, and you see that the hands and face do not match in colour. Next to that document, I have opened the palette Layers, and you see the hands as a separate layer. Using Enhance Photo/Colour Balance, while having selected the hands layer, I move the sliders to warmer, and the hands now match the face, I can check that because in X-3 you keep seeing the document with both face and hands and you see the change in colour in the hands as you move the slider, untill the colours of the layers match, see pic 3.

Now the problem with later versions of PSP is, when you have selected a layer you want to adjust, and you then open Enhance Photo, the workspace disappears and the layer appears fully on the screen. Changing the colour of the hands is now difficult, because the face of pic 1 is gone and so you cannot judge the level of colour change of the hands. Therefore my question is, can PSP 2018 do this in the same way as X-3?

Has anybody tried this? Do I make sense here, or did i miss something?

I look forward to your findings