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That’s lovely, Dawn. Remind me to tell you when my birthday is. LOL I’ll have to check out that site, but I think they’re both available on Deviant Art, too.

I’ve started to play around making my own papers. This was the project I made for today’s theme for my gaming group. The background is actually two different papers I made using the kaleidoscope effect and seamless tiling. I put a plain white layer beneath them and lowered the opacity of both to get very light pastel colors. I used one of Cassel’s corner brushes and did some beveling for the frames after flood filling them with the a merged copy of both of my papers with the white layer. The clipart is from Freepik and I erased the background using Clipping Magic. It does a much better job than I do with intricate designs. One day I hope to refine my methods so I can do them myself.